Tenor Banjos

Being one of the most popular instruments we offer here at DJM Music, we offer a huge selection of fantastic models and styles of soprano ukuleles. Whether you are just starting out or you are an advanced player, you will find a ukulele to suit you! You’ll find a variety of ukuleles in our collection from brands such as Tiger and Mad About, all of which offer an array of colours and finishes.

The soprano ukulele is the smallest uke, making it an ideal recommendation for children and schools as it is lightweight and perfect for small hands, whilst being easy to master! Not only is this stringed instrument ideal for children, but is even a fun instrument for adults to learn too!

Are you just starting out? Then why not take a look at the Tiger Natural Beginner Soprano Ukulele. Not only does it have a low price and beautiful finish, but this also comes with a bag and a chromatic tuner... everything you need to master this popular instrument!

From ukulele packs which contain all the essentials, to classroom packs and left handed ukuleles, you will find precisely what you need... so why not take a look!

Ozark 2102T Open Back Tenor Banjo
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