Tiger Single Bass Drum Pedal with Footboard & Beater Angle Adjustment
Tiger Single Bass Drum Pedal with Footboard & Beater Angle Adjustment

Item Code: DHW70-CM

At a glance:
- Pro quality pedal with base plate helps keep the pedal stable especially with electronic drum kick pads
- Beater angle adjustment – completely independent from the footboard! Adjust the angle of the beater to suit your playing style
- Footboard height adjustment – set the height you want! No more ankle cramps!
- 4 Way variable beater head – four different playing surfaces to suit you sound
- Offset clamp – easy to set up and breakdown from your throne thanks to the wing nut being moved from under the footboard to the side

The Tiger Pro DHW70 Single Bass Drum Pedal is the perfect solution for beginner and professional drummers in search for a high-grade heavy-duty kick drum pedal that can withstand the beating of regular use. To ensure steadiness and security, the bass drum pedal has been designed to feature well distributed grip on the foot plate of the pedal.

With a great response, this pedal is suitable for all types of drumming whether that is at a faster or slower pace; just simply adjust the spring tension to find a suitable response for your drumming style. In addition to this, you have full control over the beater’s angle thanks to its independence from the footboard. Featuring a 4-way variable beater head you can explore the four different playing surfaces and find the one that suits your preferred sound.

Serving as a hefty upgrade from the beginners pedal, this heavy-duty upgraded DHW70 is the perfect step up or addition to your kit, whether you’re still a beginner or an experienced professional.

- Beater: Felt
- Pedal: Steel


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