Tiger DHW56-CM Single Bass Drum Pedal – Kick Drum Pedal

Item Code: DHW56-CM

 At a glance:
- Single chain rolling cam for a smooth, direct feel
- Double springs to help achieve a more precise, natural rebound
- Designed to work with both acoustic and electric drum kits
- Felt beater provides a warm, fat sound when used on an acoustic kit
- Quick-set hoop clamp holds the pedal onto almost any bass drum hoop

The Tiger DHW56 Single Bass Drum Pedal is the perfect solution for new drummers in search of a heavy-duty pedal that can withstand regular use. To ensure steadiness and security, the bass drum pedal has been designed to provide a well-distributed grip on the footplate of the pedal.

With great response, this pedal is suitable for all types of drumming whether at a slow or fast pace; simply adjust the spring tension to find the suitable action for your preferred drumming style.

With the bass drum pedal being one of the most essential parts of a drum kit, this built-to-last pedal is sure not to let you down. The felt beater head is suitable for all kinds of music.

- Drive: Chain
- Beater: Felt
- Pedal: Steel
- Accessories: Drum key


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