Tiger Maple Drumsticks with Wooden Tips
Tiger Maple Drumsticks with Wooden Tips
Item Code: TDA83


 At a glance:
- Made from maple making them lighter, giving you more control when playing and practising
- Ideal for lighter playing - Jazz, Pop, Fusion
- Acorn wood tip for a warm mellow sound on cymbals
- Great low cost stick for people learning, schools or music hubs

The Tiger TDA83 Maple Wooden Tip Drum Sticks are the perfect option for gigging students, tutors or beginners and are a lighter alternative to hickory wood sticks. 

Both durable and reliable these Tiger drumsticks are primarily used for lighter, faster playing in smaller venues and low volume situations. They provide the feel of a bigger stick, without the extra weight provided by a hickory stick. These TDA83 sticks are light to hold and have a smoother feel. 

Offering fantastic value for money these sticks have been the choice of stick for returning drummers and drumming tutors time and time again. Available in both 5A and 7A sizes. 

- Sizes: 5A & 7A
- Wood: Maple
- Tip: Wood


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