Stagg Professional Tom Bags
Item Code: STTB

Stagg's Professional Tom Tom bag is made of reinforced black nylon with a very high density foam layer, thick velvet lining that is excellent for storage and protection. The lightweight material that it is made from makes for easy portability.


  • 10" Tom Tom: 10"(depth) x 10"(height)
  • 12" Tom Tom: 12"(depth) x 11"(height)
  • 13" Tom Tom: 13"(depth) x 12"(height)
  • 14" Tom Tom: 14"(depth) x 12"(height)
  • 15" Tom Tom: 15"(depth) x 14"(height)
  • 16" Tom Tom: 16"(depth) x 14"(height)

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