Tiger STP2 Nylon Guitar Strap for Acoustic, Classic, Electric and Bass Guitars
Item Code: STP2


At a glance:
- Suitable for electric, acoustic, bass, semi acoustic, classical and electro acoustic guitars
- Strong 4.5cm wide nylon strap means it will last regular use
- Comes with shoelace to tie around headstock on acoustic and classical guitars
- Adjustable length between 91 -150 cm
- Strong leatherette ends hold the strap in place without stretching

The Tiger STP2 Nylon Guitar Straps are the ideal strap for electric, acoustic, electro acoustic, classical and bass guitars. Constructed from thick and strong nylon with pre-drilled holes allowing you to fit the strap onto your instrument immediately (providing your guitar is already fitted with pins). For acoustic players that prefer to tie the top end of the strap above the nut of the guitar, there is also a black 'shoelace' tie provided! 

With the guitar strap being the most crucial music accessory for every guitarist, these straps have been designed to meet the high standards that your instrument requires. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with keeping your guitar safe and close to you with this Tiger STP2 Strap.

Available in a range of different colours, select your preference and mix and match to your instrument!

- Colours Available: Black, Red & Reggae
- Min Length: 91cm
- Max Length: 150cm


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