Young Oblong Violin Case
Item Code: VC14012

 A brand new Young violin case is the perfect upgrade from any standard case that may have come with or been purchased with your instrument, with all Young cases packing full of innovitive and handy features for both students and professionals alike, offering fantastic protection of your violin, storage of all your accessories, and easy transportation.

The standard oblong violin case by Young is available in a choice of colours - Black (exterior) and red (interior), Black (exterior) and green (interior), or Blue (both exterior and interior).

All cases are kitted out with exactly the same features, listed blow:

The first noticable feature upon opening the case, is the fitted hydrometer. Usually found only in cases above the £100 mark, the hydrometer measures and displays the humidity level and ultimately the moisture content in the air within your case.
The safest conditions for your instrument will generally lie between 42% and 55% humidity. Extremely dry weather (low humidity) can cause cracks in your violin, whilst high humidity where there is too much moisture in the air can cause bubbles in the varnish.
A humidifier can help you keep the humidity under control (please see red 'related accessories' tab above.

Suspension System
A unique foam suspension system is incorporated into all Young cases, supporting your violin and making it much more stable whilst being transported.
The suspension system simply consists of two fitted foam areas, one located behind the shoulders of your violin just below where the neck lies as your instrument sits in the case , and a second at the foot of the case, supporting the lower back of your violin.
This additional suspension accuractely supports the body of your violin whilst in the case, removing any gaps between your violin and the back of the case.

Shoulder Rest Storage
Most shaped cases struggle to find any room to incorporate additional storage for your shoulder rest, leaving you having to carry it separately which as we all know, can see it left behind at rehearsals and lost at gigs.
The Young shaped violin cases feature increased room alongside the neck of your violin which has allowed a velvet velcro strap to be fitted, which is specifically designed to securely store your shoulder rest inside the case - No more lost shoulder rests!

Two Accessory Compartments
Inside the case you will find two large accessory compartments - One beside the neck, and another below the body at the foot of the case. Both compartments are extremely spacious and designed to securely accomodate anything from rosin and string cleaner, to shoulder rests and tuners.

Two Bow Holders
Two secure internal bow holders are built into the lid of the case to accomodate two full-size bows. Both wooden and fibreglass bows can be accomodated.

Rucksack straps
Always something violinists tend to ask for when looking to purchase a new case, rucksack style shoulder straps are included with all Young cases and attach to robust metal D rings for safe and easy transportation. A high-grade solid handle is also fitted for carrying the case by hand.

Lock & Key
Something again usually only found on more expensive cases, all Young cases are fitted with a lock and key to keep your violin and accessories safely stored away.

Velvet Blanket
A blanket for your violin is provided to lay across the top of your instrument whilst in the case. This blanket simply helps prevent dust and minor scratches to your violin whilst in the case

String Tube
An internal transparent tube has been fitted inside the lid of the case which is designed to store sp



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