Tiger Standard 47" Drum Hardware Bag

Item Code: DGB7-47

 Designed to take the hassle out of transporting your drum hardware to and from gigs, rehearsals and performances, the Tiger 47” Drum Hardware Bag provides an easy and secure solution for the drummer on the go.

A strong nylon construction, reinforced by secure stitching, effectively holds the weight of all of your drum and cymbal stands, clamps, pedals, extension arms and anything else you need to take with you. Its long and spacious design can accommodate stands even when they’re not fully disassembled; saving you precious time when you need to set up or pack-away quickly. You’ll also find two large accessory pockets on either side of the bag to allow you to carry your cymbal felts, drum keys and other smaller items without the need for extra bags.

This bag features a nylon-lined interior with a generous 10mm of EPE padding to ensure your hardware remains scratch and damage-free when in transit. Riveted to maximise its strength, this hardware bag features a padded hook and loop carrying handle to ensure you are comfortable when carrying your gear.

At a glance:
- Strong nylon construction
- Spacious, nylon-lined interior
- 10mm EPE Padding
- Two large accessory pockets
- Riveted carrying handles with padded hook and loop grip
- Ideal for the gigging musician
- Can accommodate stands even when they’re not fully disassembled

Item Specifications:

Bag Dimensions:
- Length: 119cm (47”)
- Width: 23cm (9”)
- Height: 29cm (11”)
- Padding: 10mm EPE
- Weight: 1.014kg

Accessory Pocket Dimensions:
- Height: 20.5cm (8”)
- Width: 42.5cm (16”)


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