Tiger 20” Medium Ride Cymbal - Ideal Add On for Starter Drum kits
Tiger 20” Medium Ride Cymbal - Ideal Add On for Starter Drum kits

Item Code: CYM21-BR

At a glance:
- Most starter kits do not come with a 20” ride, making this the most logical upgrade to any beginners kit
- Medium Thin Ride produces high to medium overtones with a medium sustain
- Great to replace the cymbals on your starter drum kit or to add more flexibility to your drumming
- Perfect for all genres of music – Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Funk
- Ideal kit for schools, drum lessons and home practice

The Tiger CYM21 20" Ride Cymbal is the perfect addition to your drum kit. Ride cymbals are a standard part of most kits and are often deemed a necessity in the repertoire of a drummer. 

This durable Tiger Ride Cymbal offers the perfect beginner cymbal at an affordable and reasonable price. Crafted from fine brass this ride cymbal produces a striking and crisp sound. Depending on your style, you can use different sticks (wooden, nylon tipped or drum brushes) to create a variety of different sounds. Suitable for all genres including pop, rock and jazz this CYM21 is the ideal drum cymbal for beginners, students or professionals. This cymbal will continue to shine throughout live, recorded or practise performances.

- Metal:
- Size: 20"


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