Tiger 16” Beginners Crash Cymbal – Ideal Add On for Starter Drum kits
Tiger 16” Beginners Crash Cymbal – Ideal Add On for Starter Drum Kits

Item Code: CYM14-BR

At a glance:
- The 16” crash is the most popular add on for the beginner drummer
- Thin crash produces high pitches sound with a short sustain
- Great to replace the cymbals on your starter drum kit or to add more flexibility to your drumming
- Perfect for all genres of music – Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Funk
- Ideal kit for schools, drum lessons and home practice

The Tiger CYM14 Beginners Crash Cymbal is the ideal addition or replacement for your starter Drum Kit. Offering a loud, sharp and crisp “Crash” this affordable cymbal is the perfect upgrade to a beginners drum set. Crafted from good quality Brass, the CYM14 can be used mainly for the occasional accent as opposed to the rhythmic pattern. Perfect for all genres and styles, team the CYM14 up with your 5-piece kit and take your drumming to the next level by increasing your cymbal options.

Built to stand the test of time, this Tiger Crash cymbal is most suited to those starting out or upgrading their existing kit. 

- Metal:
- Size: 16"


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