Tiger Ukulele Capo - Capo for Ukuleles

Item Code: GACAPO5

Tiger’s Ukulele Capo has been designed to make playing in different keys as easy as possible. This accessory is suitable for use on all members of the Ukulele family.

The inner surfaces are covered with a small layer that is rubberised, which protects the neck and strings alike. The spring-loaded mechanism secures the capo when applied and maintains the correct amount of pressure throughout its use. These features make sure there is no unwanted movement of the capo on the fretboard and allow for stress-free playing.
The sleek, ergonomic curved design allows this attractive capo to be comfortably held, easily applied to your instrument, and can be tucked away inside your pocket or gig bag!

Item Specifications:
Features: easily storable, easy to use, spring-loaded
Length of Inner Surface: 4.7cm
Minimum Opening: 1cm
Maximum Opening: 2.3cm
Dimensions: 5.6cm X 1.1cm X 6.8cm
Net Weight: 44g
Colour: Silver


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