Recorder From The Beginning At Christmas

Item Code: CH75911

Containing 17 Christmas carols, this book enables beginner Recorder players to perform simplified arrangements of popular festive repertoire either on their own, using the various accompaniment options to provide the full original melody, or alongside singers and more advanced players.

As well as the main melody line, there are also two optional parts, the first of which only uses the three notes B, A and G, but using the same rhythm as the original melody. The second part uses five notes; D, E, G A and B. Wherever possible both of these include sections of the original melody. This allows beginner players of different abilities to join in with the Carol.

Complete with access to free downloadable Piano accompaniments which incorporate the original melody line, this book provides the ideal resource for teachers and parents looking to enable Recorder players of all standards to join the celebrations of the season.

The familiar melody lines of these festive favourites are accompanied by two counter-melodies, each employing the same rhythm as the original whilst requiring a knowledge of only three or five notes and thus catering for Recorder players of all abilities.


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