LG Chen Carbon Fibre Veneered Cello Bow

Item Code: CB014

The LG Chen Carbon Fibre Veneered Cello Bow is by far the most outstanding non-wooden bow from our entire selection of violin bows, offering unsurpassed, even control over the strings, with tremendous results.
Constructed from supreme pure carbon fibre and weighing just 80g, the stick of the bow is beautifully finished in a stunning Pernambuco veneer with silver mountings, and the fine ebony frog features a silver Parisian eye.

Carbon Fibre bows are becoming increasingly popular with both students and professionals alike throughout the stringed instrument family, and this magnificant, lightweight professional bow is ideal for accomplished and serious players.
Although purely personal preferance, those who are conscious of the weight of a wooden bow and wish for something lighter, the LG Chen Carbon Fibre bow is an outstanding choice. Lightweight, very comfortable to hold and crafted to supreme specifications with the utmost care and attention to detail, this bow is also virtually indestructable and is not affected by changes in humidity unlike a wooden bow, so there is no risk of warping or snapping.

Another positive reason to consider an LG Chen Carbon Fibre bow is the increasing deforestation in the Amazon of Brazil where Pernambuco wood is sourced for high-grade wooden bows.
Born in Shanghai, Long-Gen Chen is one of China's most celebrated & prestigious bow makers. His work has been exhibited internationally and he has been awarded two Silver medals at recent major bow making competitions, as well as being the recipient of several Certificates of Merit.

This bow is available in full-size only (4/4).


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