Diatonic Boomwhacker Percussion Tube

Item Code: BWDG

 A Diatonic Set of 8 Boomwhackers
Tuned durable plastic percussion tubes with a different colour for each note. Enormous fun in education, enjoyed by many a school. Ideal for children as an introduction to music making. No musical knowledge required, and even young children will soon be involved with tapping out a tune! Suitable for large or small groups, or individually, both at home or at school. The affordable price makes them incredible value for money.

Diatonic Boom Whacker Set:

  • 8 pipes giving full octave range
  • Notes: Middle C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and Treble C
  • Lightweight
  • Hard wearing, robust plastic
  • Brightly coloured

    Also known as Boom Wackers, Percussion Tubes or Melody Tubes!

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