World Rhythm Brown Cajon Box Drum with Adjustable Snare & Padded Bag

World Rhythm Cajon with Adjustable Snare, Padded Gig Bag and Cushion - Brown

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At a glance:
- Adjustable snare giving you more expression in you playing
- All wood construction gives deep warm bass tones and tight snaps
- Includes padded gig bag and cushion
- Perfect for beginners, students, buskers or festival goers
- Natural finish front plate, also available in Brown or Black

The World Rhythm CAJ2 Cajon Box Drum offers an incredible introduction to the world of percussion and drumming. Matched with a protective 5mm padded nylon gig bag, this full size cajon drum package includes everything you need to get going on the cajon.

Producing a variety of warm sounds, this beautiful World Rhythm Cajon is fitted with a superior, genuine snare mechanism. Fully adjustable, the snare creates a sharp snare sound when hit from the top and a low, resonant bass sound when hit more centrally. 

Have full confidence in the security of the World Rhythm CAJ2 as this cajon is fitted with four anti-slip rubber feet and packaged with a 60mm thick padded seat for comfort when playing. 

The heavy-duty nylon gig bag included is sure to come in handy when transporting your cajon or to protect your precious instrument during times of non-use. Fitted with a sturdy handle and two adjustable shoulder straps you can transport your cajon from gig to gig with no hassle. 

- Dimensions (L x W x D): 49.5cm x 31.5cm x 32cm
- Weight (Cajon): 2.72kg
- Weight (Bag): 0.64kg
- Pad Dimensions (L x W x D): 24.5cm x 24.5cm x 0.6cm
- Bag Padding: 5mm

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Love it and it was so cheap compared to everything else I looked at.
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Graham Swallow

This was discounted, and a mega bargain. The RRP is still a bargain. The base sounds good. The snare sounds quite bright and crisp. The 4 segments of the snare string are at different tensions, and delivered slightly loose, but dont tighten them on day 1, as one will break. Touch the strings to see how they are, and play them to stretch them in. The tightener is 4mm, which makes the hex-key different from the 5mm keys you need for darbukas, or have to hand. Only mildly annoying but ... The case is annoyingly tight, so hard to put away, and get out but is a good case, with a decent handle. The front is glued on. A competing product has screws on the front (not sure if glued and screwed) at the same price-point. There is a carry-grip piece of wood just inside the sound hole, which will make this more robust, when strangers move it around. It is a good price, with a case and a good sound.
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