World Rhythm Natural Cajon Box Drum with Adjustable Snare & Padded Bag

World Rhythm Cajon with Adjustable Snare, Padded Gig Bag and Cushion - Natural

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At a glance:
- Adjustable snare giving you more expression in you playing
- All wood construction gives deep warm bass tones and tight snaps
- Includes padded gig bag and cushion
- Perfect for beginners, students, buskers or festival goers
- Natural finish front plate, also available in Brown or Black

The World Rhythm CAJ2 Cajon Box Drum offers an incredible introduction to the world of percussion and drumming. Matched with a protective 5mm padded nylon gig bag, this full size cajon drum package includes everything you need to get going on the cajon.

Producing a variety of warm sounds, this beautiful World Rhythm Cajon is fitted with a superior, genuine snare mechanism. Fully adjustable, the snare creates a sharp snare sound when hit from the top and a low, resonant bass sound when hit more centrally. 

Have full confidence in the security of the World Rhythm CAJ2 as this cajon is fitted with four anti-slip rubber feet and packaged with a 60mm thick padded seat for comfort when playing. 

The heavy-duty nylon gig bag included is sure to come in handy when transporting your cajon or to protect your precious instrument during times of non-use. Fitted with a sturdy handle and two adjustable shoulder straps you can transport your cajon from gig to gig with no hassle. 

- Dimensions (L x W x D): 49.5cm x 31.5cm x 32cm
- Weight (Cajon): 2.72kg
- Weight (Bag): 0.64kg
- Pad Dimensions (L x W x D): 24.5cm x 24.5cm x 0.6cm
- Bag Padding: 5mm

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Grant Gilbert

Fantastic Cajon for starting out... I've just bought one of these and I am very happy with it, with its awesome snare and its resonating deep bass i just can't leave it alone...thanks djm music👍🏻
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Having just purchased and received a World Rhythm Cajon Box Drum from DJM Music, I am very pleased with the quality of make, adjustability of sounds and also the good padded bag it came with. I am not an expert on these drums but have had the pleasure to be seated on a number of other makes. This one (and at the half price deal I purchased it on) makes it as good to play, sound and look as good as any other I have experienced. I would suggest it is a great starter for this instrument. The rubber mat seat is left loose, which means it can either be removed and a more comfortable cushion used if being played for any length. I have glued this mat to the Box a little near the rear and find this very satisfactory. All in all, a great buy. Edward Murphy
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This really is an excellent instrument. The Cajon makes for a great playing experience, it picks up the lightest taps and produces a lovely deep bass tone. I can’ believe you can get an instrument of this quality for such a reasonable price. Everyone I know who has played it wants one.
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I take it as a very good purchase, price was the best ive found with case included delivered as per requested.
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Hi All, How do you change the strings on the cajon ? There are no obvious screws to release the front panel to unhook the strings? Help is needed please. Great candidate n super service
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