Theodore Violin Shoulder Rest - 1/2
Theodore Violin Shoulder Rest - 1/2

Item Code: T-SA-01-12

 The Theodore Violin Shoulder rest provides student violinists with comfortable playing throughout their musical education.

Ranging from 1/4 size to 4/4 size, the Theodore Violin Shoulder Rests feature a 5mm foam cushion for comfortable playing during long and short school performances. Adjustable rubber grips allow you to position the rest on your violin at your preferred position without the worry of the rest slipping off.

This low-cost accessory is the ideal rest for beginners, students & schools.

Item Specifications:

- Compatible with all 1/2 size violins
- Length: 16cm
- Foam Cushioning Thickness: 5mm
- Foam Cushioning Width (widest point): 3cm
- Foam Cushioning Width (thinnest point): 2.5cm
- Rests 3.5cm away from your violin to provide you with enough room for hassle-free playing


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