World Rhythm Synthetic Orange Djembe Drum
Synthetic Djembe Drum by World Rhythm Percussion, Plastic African Drum in Orange
Item Code: MDJ-OR

Want to create authentic African-style drumming? The roped tuned djembe will transport you to an African sunset as soon as you start playing it and would become a great addition to a music lesson where different musical cultures can be explored. That being said, this drum is perfect for any scenario, whether you’re headlining a festival or simply playing along with friends at home or at the park. The synthetic shell ensures the djembe is weather resistant suiting any conditions, whilst the authentic goat skin head and rope tuning will keep you creating endless new sounds and tones to help you make unique African-style rhythms and melodies. This drum is perfect for bands, school percussions groups, professionals and beginners alike, coming in a warm orange finish, giving the drum an authentic African look.

Item Specifications:

- 8" Djembe - 40cm (H) x 23cm (W) – 1.86kg (weight)
- 10" Djembe - 50cm (H) x 26cm (W) – 2.72kg (weight)
- 11" Djembe - 60cm (H) x 30cm (W) – 3.81kg (weight)



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