Stagg 18mm Deluxe Nylon Keyboard Bag
Stagg 18mm Deluxe Nylon Keyboard Bag
Item Code: K18

 The Stagg 18mm deluxe black nylon Keyboard Bags are designed for the gigging & professional musician. With its sturdy outer-body & padding, this case will provide you with exceptional security without breaking the bank. Stagg have included many accessory pockets to this case. One being the perfect size for a power supply/AC Adaptor for your instrument.
If you are a professional or regular gigging musician, this bag is designed for you. Light, affordable and exceptionally well-made, this bag will be the perfect accessory!


  • 18mm foam padding
  • Black nylon outer casing
  • Durable handles/carriers
  • AC Adaptor/mains supply pocket
  • Large accessory pocket for sheet music, music books and other accessories
  • Medium Sized pocket for a variety of different accessories
  • Heavy Duty zips
  • Stagg logo stamped on lip of pocket.

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