Tiger 3 Piece Junior Drum Kit Silencer Pad Set – Mute Pads for Junior Drums Kits
Tiger 3 Piece Junior Drum Kit Silencer Pad Set – Mute Pads for Junior Drums Kits

Item Code: TDA3-BK

At a glance:
- Complete drum set kit includes 8” Tom, 10” Snare Drum 14” Bass Drum and one cymbal mute
- Reduces the sound by up to 60% Ideal for practicing when noise is an issue
- Quick and easy set up, simply place the pad on the skin no need to remove heads or de-tune you skins
- Pads will not drastically alter the feel of you drum kit
- No messy tape required to attach the bass drum mute! simply attach with the supplied elastic ties

The Tiger TDA3 Junior Silencer Pad Set is the perfect solution to quieting your kid's 3-piece junior drum kit. The one thing that we all know about drum kits is they're loud! But, with this TDA3 set they don't have to be. These pads are the perfect solution to all of your noise-level problems. 

Included in this package are four pads; bass (kick drum), snare, tom drum and crash cymbal. With these pads, all drums can be hit with the regular force and level and will continue to give a realistic response but whilst keeping the noise level down. 

These particular pads are designed for a 3-piece junior drum set and prove a very valuable accessory for the junior drummer (and you!). With the ability to quieten your kids drum set your little drummer can continue drumming away without disturbing others and you can be at peace knowing you'll have happy neighbours! 

They're extremely easy to apply and remove, making it simple to switch between practice levels and normal levels. Let your little one drum their heart out whilst you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

- Bass Drum Pad: 14"
- Snare Drum Pad: 10"
- Tom Drum Pad: 8"
- Crash Cymbal Pad: 10"


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