20" Ride Cymbal
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A standard part of most drum kits, the Tiger 20" Ride Cymbal is a great choice for a cymbal which is often deemed a necessity in the repertoire of a drummer.

Crafted from fine brass, the Tiger 20" Ride Cymbal can vary in its final sound by the choice of stick used with all kinds of drumsticks being used on this cymbal. A wooden tipped stick creates a smoother, quieter sound, whereas nylon tips create more of a "ping," and a sharper bell tone. Brushes, used commonly in variations of jazz, make the ride cymbal more felt than heard, as it creates a low vibration to keep a steady beat, but a low volume. It is the ideal choice for students who need a ride cymbal and often selected alongside a boom cymbal stand that can be adjusted to the right angle and position for the drummer.


*20" Ride Cymbal
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Tiger 20” Ride Cymbal - Medium Ride

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