Tiger Scissor Arm Microphone Stand for Broadcasting, YouTube Videos & Voice-Over

Item Code: MCA69-BK

At a glance:
• Height adjustable black scissor arm stand made from high-quality, durable steel with FREE plastic mic clip and 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter included.
• Compact, folding scissor arm for easy transport and easy adjustment. Find the perfect height and angle to achieve the best sound from your microphone.
• Easily mount this stand to your desk thanks to the secure attachment. This attachment has been fitted with foam to help protect your surface. This also allows for 360 degree rotation of the stand.
• Ideal for use by individuals, families, professionals, youtubers and more. Slot this stand right into your broadcasting studio, voice-over studio or gaming setup. Hands-free communication made simple.
• Thanks to the adapter included, this stand is compatible with most mics. Compatible mics include Blue Snowball/Yeti & with the addition of a shock mount (not included), the RODE NT-USB and AT2020.

Finding that sweet spot for your microphone, tablet or lighting is a challenge broadcasters, podcasters, recording artists and gamers have in common. Eliminate the struggle with the incredible 81cm reach of the Tiger Boom Microphone Arm and never have to prop your equipment up against furniture again.

One of the most important things to look for in a boom arm is strength and stability - no one wants a drooping microphone - ours is double braced and features four strong springs to keep your microphone, tablet holder, or lighting equipment in one place, holding up to 1.5kg.

Item Specifications:
- Maximum Reach: 81cm
- Maximum Clip Opening: 4.2cm
- 3/8” to 5/8” thread adaptor included
- Compatible with hand-held, dynamic and condenser mics as well as omnidirectional microphones like the Blue Snowball.
- Holds up to 1.5kg


 This Studio Recording Mic Stand with Scissor Arm is ideal for radio broadcasting, live commentary, voice overs, stages, TV stations and more! With four strong springs, two on each section, the arm stays firmly in place when adjusted to the angle you require meaning that you won’t find the arm drooping when in use. You can adjust the height of the stand and the angle of the mic clip as well as being able to pivot the stand by 90 degrees giving you the flexibility you need. It can also hold up to 1.5kg in weight thanks in part to the double braced arm that will be suitable to accommodate most microphones.

The stand clamps to your table with a C clamp to ensure it remains firm on the desktop. Two screws for adjustment are included on the arm to adjust the angle of the mic clip and the arm. The standard microphone clip that comes with the stand is suitable for most vocal and dynamic microphones. It would also be compatible with most Condenser microphones, shock mounts and pop filter and includes a 3/8 to 5/8 thread adapter for microphone clips.

Item Specifications:
- Max Height: 70cm (Approx)
- Min Height: 15cm (Approx)
- Standard universal mic clip
- 3/8 to 5/8 thread adapter for mic clip
- Holds up to 1.5kg in weight

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