Deluxe Guitar Accessories Pack - Picks, Capo, Tuner, Strap Etc
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 A deluxe guitar accessories pack that is a perfect gift for any guitarist playing the acoustic, classical or electric guitar.
The pack includes useful tools for playing your guitar and taking care of it. The guitar wall hanger is a very popular space saving solution that lets you mount your guitar on the wall putting it on show as well as keeping it off the floor helping to prevent damage and making it easy to just pick up your guitar and play. The capo is a very popular accessory for guitarists allowing you to play a huge range of different songs with it changing the key of the guitar. With its strong spring and cushioned padding the capo holds down the strings well preventing buzzing.

A gutiar tuner is a must for the guitarist, with this clip on tuner you are able to instantly tune your guitar to the right note by selecting the guitar setting on the tuner (or chromatic), a significantly important tool when learning to help you know when you're playing the correct notes. The string winder helps you quickly re string your guitar and pick up the guitar pins on an acoustic guitar. The pack also includes a pack of plectrums giving you a good range of sizes for different styles and the nylon guitar strap includes pick holders so you can easily access your plectrums when playing as well as including a shoe string which is useful with acoustic guitars where there is usually only one guitar pin.

Guitar Wall Hanger Specifications:
- Length of Arm: 3" (8 cm)
- Inside width across opening: 2" (5cms)
- Inside width across widest part of horseshoe: 2.6" (6.5cms)
- Padding on the horseshoe to protect the guitar neck and headstock
(please note screw fittings are not included with the guitar wall hanger)

Please note: Items are subject to change due to availability.


*Guitar Wall Hanger
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Tiger Guitar Wall Hanger - Bracket & Mount Included
*Guitar Capo
Out of Stock
Tiger Trigger Capo - Universal Guitar Capo - Chrome
*Guitar Tuner
Out of Stock
Tiger T-47 Guitar Tuner - Clip On Chromatic Tuner
*Guitar String Winder
Out of Stock
Tiger Guitar String Winder and Peg Puller
*Guitar Picks
Out of Stock
Tiger Guitar Plectrums - 12 Gel Guitar Picks, 0.58mm, 0.71mm, 0.81mm Gauges
*Guitar Strap
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Tiger Black Nylon Guitar Strap with Pick Holders
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