World Rhythm 5 Pack of 40cm Wooden Djembe Drums - 7
World Rhythm 5 Pack of 40cm Wooden Djembe Drums - 7" Djembe head
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 This excellent introductory level Djembe drum pack, is a great choice for starting out on a percussion instrument.
Coming with a quality 7" goatskin head, these student wooden djembes come in a size suitable for younger children as well as older - being easy to use in hand or tucked between your knees/thighs so that the bottom of the drum rests behind your heels. It is an ideal choice for schools and djembe circles as it is lighter and offers a mature sound with crisp production.

-Djembe Head Size: 7” Goatskin
-Height: 40cm
-Width: 17.80cm
-Weight: 2.65kg
Complete with the World Rhythm stamp of authenticity, you will have peace of mind, knowing you are getting a Djembe which has been made in the traditional way and has been given special care in design & craftsmanship.

World Rhythm Percussion supports and promotes fair trade principles in all aspects of the business. This starts with the international sourcing of products/materials and follows through to the retail and wholesale distribution of the product in the UK and the rest of the world.

World Rhythm Percussion believes that education is critical to any community. As such child labour is not tolerated.

World Rhythm Percussion demands that all raw materials are sustainable and legal. No poached or endangered woods are used. No toxic or harmful materials are to be used in the production process and any waste created must be disposed of in an ecologically sound manner. All shipping materials should be recyclable.


*Djembe Drums - 40cm - 7" Heads
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40cm Student Wooden Djembe Drum by World Rhythm Percussion – African Drum in Black

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