Tiger Guitar Plectrums with Pick Tin - 12 Gel 0.46mm

Item Code: GAC46-12

 An extremely handy accessory for any guitarist to help solve the common issue of losing your plectrums.

These plectrums in a tin are perfect for the guitarist to keep their picks stored securely in one location so they are always to hand when you need them most. The tin is simple to use, push the lid down to open it and then pinch the sides of the lid to close it.
With this thinner gauge this 0.46mm plectrum is perfect for strumming in particular with chords being nice and flexible to work with the strings to get a fuller sounding chord. In its sturdy metal tin you can put one of these in your gig bag so you always have your plectrums with you or just keep them at home so they are ready to use whenever you need them.

Pick Gauge:
- 0.46mm


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