Musically Inspired Coffee Table – Piece of Contemporary Furniture
Contemporary Coffee Table - Drum

Item Code: CDF-021218

 This stylish 13” piece of contemporary furniture is perfect for any music lover who is looking to spice up their home with some musically inspired décor. With an elegant black chrome finish, this standard drum has been transformed into a favourable table piece. Handcrafted to create a pleasing aesthetic, this small drum table will look great in any drummers’ home.

This musically inspired drum table features a sturdy, red acrylic table-top design so you can be sure that this table is durable and reliable while being able to withstand an appropriate amount of weight. Conveniently, you can adjust the height of the table by adjusting the legs to accommodate your interior.

This revitalized piece of kit makes a wonderful gift for anyone.

Item Specifications:
- Colour: Black Chrome
- Width: 33cm (13”)
- Height (not including legs): 26cm (10”)

Please Note: This product may include upcycled materials in an effort to enhance authenticity.


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