Tiger Electric Guitar Strings Light - 10 - 46

Item Code: EGS-L

 This incredibly affordable set of electric guitar strings from Tiger is a must-have for every guitarist. Featuring nickel wound strings to create warm, low tones and steel strings to easily produce crisp high tones; this fantastic set of light strings offers unbelievable value for money.

This particular gauge is ideal for regular players and gigging musicians who require a flexible and versatile set of strings for playing in a wide variety of genres. Includes a FREE high “e” string!

Item Specifications:
- E-1st Steel: .010
- B-2nd Steel: .013
- G-3rd Steel: .017
- D-4th Nickel Alloy Wound: .026
- A-5th Nickel Alloy Wound: .036
- E-6th Nickel Alloy Wound: .046
Includes a FREE high “e” string! (0.10)


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