Alice Electric Guitar Strings Super Light - 0.009 - 0.042
Electric Guitar Strings Super Light - 0.009 - 0.042

Item Code: EGS-SL

 The perfect choice for an electric guitarist who needs a basic and reliable set of strings. Nickel alloy wound strings on the low end for a warm sound throughout their use. The coated steel high end strings give you easy playability. This super light gauge is probably the best electric guitar strings gauge for beginners in particular and regular players alike offering flexibility in it being able to offer a good sound for a variety of styles of music from rock to jazz to blues and more.

- E-lst Coated Steel: .009
- B-2nd Coated Steel: .011
- G-3rd Coated Steel: .016
- D-4th Nickel Alloy Wound: .024
- A-5th Nickel Alloy Wound: .032
- E-6th Nickel Alloy Wound: .042


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