Tiger Guitar Picks and Tuner Pack
Tiger Clip On Tuner, Plectrums and Holder Pack
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 The Tiger Pack of 12 Matte Guitar Plectrums is assorted equally into three different thicknesses (light, medium and heavy) to cater for every guitarist’s preference. This fantastic selection of picks is ideal for guitarists specialising in a variety of styles. Each size plectrum has its own purpose which is why it is important to understand what best fits you. The light plectrum (0.58mm) is mostly used for strumming along to songs. The 0.58mm plectrum is extremely flexible and allows you to strum fluidly. The heavy plectrum (0.81mm) is ideal for guitarists who are renowned for their solos consisting of mainly picking individual strings. The least flexible of the lot means it is not ideal for strumming.

This Tiger Chromatic Guitar Tuner is highly accurate and extremely easy to use for guitarists of any level. Currently one of the smallest tuners on the market, this fantastic accessory weighs only 30g making it transportable and easy on the eye when playing to an audience. This clip-on tuner is extremely versatile with four instrument settings which allow you to quickly and efficiently tune your guitar, bass, violin or ukulele. In addition to its four instrument setting, it also has a standard chromatic setting so you can tune most instruments. The JT-12B picks up vibrations through the clip and will give you an accurate reading on the digital screen. This gives you the ability to tune your instrument in noisy environments without the concern of other sounds affecting your reading.

The Tiger Black Guitar Pick Holder is a great little accessory for the guitarist. You can secure it to the body of your guitar with strong but safe adhesive or to your gig bag or just use it as a handy way of storing your plectrums. It is designed to hold up to 8 plectrums at one time, and is spring-loaded for quick and easy access to your selection of picks whilst performing. It works well for songs that incorporate and alternate between fingerpicking and strumming!

Guitar Pick Gauges:
- 0.58mm
- 0.71mm
- 0.81mm

Guitar Tuner Specifications:
- A4 Frequency: 430 - 450Hz ('A' should equal 440 for standard tuning)
- Tuning Item: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele
- Tuning Range: A0(27.5Hz)-a3(1760Hz)
- Weight: 30g
- Dimensions: 52(L) x 25(W) x 86(H)mm
- Battery: 1x CR2032 (Included)

Pick Holder Specifications:
- Length: 3.5cm
- Width: 3cm (at widest point)
- Height: 1cm


*Guitar Picks
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Tiger Pack of 12 Matte Guitar Picks
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Tiger Spring-loaded Pick Holder - Holds 8 Picks
*Guitar Chromatic Tuner
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Tiger T-47 Guitar Tuner - Clip On Chromatic Tuner
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