World Rhythm 10” Floor Gathering Drum with Beaters
World Rhythm FD-10 10” Wooden Floor Drum with Rubber Feet and 2 Beaters for Children

Item Code: FD-10

At a glance:
• 10" pre-tuned drumhead ideal for percussion groups, schools, SEN environments, and drum circles
• Can be played in multiple ways to get a variety of tones such as: tapping your fingers against the drum, striking the drum with the palm of your hand, or using the included beaters
• The four rubberised feet keep the drum stable on the floor or on classroom tables, keeping both hands free to focus on drumming and create interesting rhythms
• Can improve children's concentration, hand-eye coordination, sense of rhythm, teamwork, and engage their creative side
• Can be the introduction and kickstart a lifelong interest in percussion and drumming

A perfect starting point for the home and a great addition to a school's percussion set, the TIGER FD-10 can deliver on multiple fronts. The 10" drum includes four anti-slip rubber legs that stabilise the drum whether its placed on a table, carpet, or a variety of other surfaces; the two beaters the FD-10 comes with mean you can get drumming straight out of the box!

Suitable for those over the age of 3, this drum can provide hours of fun as well as an introduction to rhythm and tones. Open to be played in multiple ways, you can tap your fingers against the drum, strike it with your palm, or use the beaters provided. Being on a stand keeps both hands free to explore rhythms!

The FD-10 can be used by a single performer, or just as well in an ensemble. This makes it an ideal instrument that works in schools and SEN environments: it can aid and improve children’s concentration, hand-eye coordination, sense of rhythm, teamwork, and engage children’s creative side.

- Playing Surface: 10""
- Beater Length: 23cm
- Height: 8.5cm from surface. 

PLEASE NOTE: Colours may vary.


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