Mad About Orchestral Sheet Music Stand
Mad About Orchestral Sheet Music Stand with Page Retainers, Height Adjustable

Item Code: MUS27-BK

At a glance:
- High quality 48.5cm x 33.5 cm perforated desk can accommodate almost all music books, ideal for schools or orchestra pits
- Built in page retainers great for those out outdoor gigs or books that refuse to stay open
- Height adjustable, can be used sitting or standing, max height 108cm, min height 64cm
- Simple and easy to pack down, great for classrooms and gigging musicians
- Strong tubular stand construction helps keep the weight down yet keeps the stand stable

The Mad About MUS27 Orchestral Sheet Music Stand provides an affordable solution to accommodating almost all music books or music folders during your practice, performance or teaching. Ideal for both teachers and students alike this stand is favoured by schools due to its reliability and durability. It’s also incredibly easy to pack down, making it perfect for musicians that are always on the go!

Thanks to the wide allowance of the height adjusters you can use this stand for both standing and seated performances. Capable of standing at a maximum height of 150cm and going all the way down to a minimum height of 100cm this stand will be fit for your needs. Once height adjusted, you can also adjust the angle in which the desk is positioned for optimal viewing.

Also included on this stand are the always handy page retainers! You’ll no longer have problems trying to keep your page thanks to this strong spring pressure retainers. Gigging outside? Not a problem! We know that sometimes it can get a little windy so these page retainers will make sure to keep your page for you.

Max height (base to top of desk): 150cm
Min height (base to top of desk): 100cm
Max height (base to bottom of desk): 113cm
Min height (base to bottom of desk): 66cm
Desk size: 48.5 cm x 33.5 cm


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