Tiger Acoustic Guitar Strings - Super Light (11-52)

Item Code: AGS-SL

 This incredibly affordable set of acoustic guitar strings from Tiger is a must-have for every guitarist.

.052 – .030 bronze wound, this set of high quality super light strings produces vibrant low tones and it’s plain strings create beautifully crisp highs.
Featuring impeccable tuning stability and flexibility, this particular set of strings is perfect for regular players and gigging musicians, offering a great sound for a wide variety of genres.Includes a FREE 0.11 high “e” string!

Item Specifications:
E – 1st: .011”/ 0.28mm
B – 2nd: .015”/ 0.38mm
G – 3rd: .022W“/ 0.56mm
D – 4th: .030”/ 0.76mm
A – 5th: .042” / 1.07mm
E – 6th: .052” / 1.32mm
Includes a FREE 0.11 high “e” string!


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