Tiger Keyboard Stand Extension Arms
Tiger Keyboard Stand Extension Arms

Item Code: KYS53-BK

 These fixed extension arms are ideal for mounting a second keyboard or MIDI keyboard above your primary stand for either stage or studio use. They lock into position and convert single stands into two tier units. This is done by taking off the rubber grip ends of the X-frame stand to slot into these keyboard extension arms to extend your stand to two tiers. Supporting up to 20kg on these extension arms this is suitable for most lightweight MIDI keyboards, synthesizers and keyboards.

Manufactured from strong, high-quality, tubular steel and with PVC rubber grip ends, the Tiger extension arms provide a sturdy second tier to your stand preventing the keyboard from slipping. Additionaly the ends of the extension arms have stoppers to prevent the keyboard from slipping off. To add to the stability a rod runs from each arm to prevent it from wobbling.

May be compatible with other brands however, this cannot be guaranteed.
Please note that these extension arms would not be suitable for use with the Tiger Keyboard Stands.

Item Specifications:
- Max Tube Diameter for Keyboard Stand: 25mm
- Height (from top of keyboard stand to top of extension arms): 260mm (approx)
- Max Width: 840mm (approx)
- Min Width: 460mm (approx)
- Max Load Capacity: 20kg (approx)

Quality Assurance:

We understand the importance of good quality stands; therefore we have paid particular attention to the finest details, ensuring all materials used are of REACH standard and do not compromise the durability or quality of the product. We focus our attention on endorsing safe and strong materials down to the smallest thread.

Our stands are made from a high quality, sustainable steel making them resistant to damage and extremely durable when in use.

Moreover, we stock all spare parts in the unlikely event you experience a problem so that we can rectify the issue as quickly and sufficiently as possible giving you complete peace of mind.

We are so confident in the quality of our stands that they are backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty.


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