Tiger Tablet Holder - Adjustable Handle
Tiger Tablet iPad Mount for Microphone/Music Stand with Clamp

Item Code: IMCA-BK

TIGER’s Tablet Holder Stand Attachment is essential for any modern-day musician.

Compatible with iPads and many other popular tablets, this tablet holder effortlessly clips onto a microphone and music stands with its durable metal C-clamp. Boasting fully adjustable functionality, the tablet holder can be swiveled and tilted to an angle to suit your performance. Whether you’re watching a video tutorial or reading digital sheet music or lyrics, this versatile accessory caters to live performances, rehearsals, and practicing at home.

For easy transportation and storage, this secure holder is extremely lightweight and can effortlessly be taken apart.

Item Specifications:
- Weight: 0.38kg
- Maximum Adjustable Height: 25.5cm
- Minimum Adjustable Height: 13.5cm
- Maximum Clamp Opening: 3cm
- Arm Length: 14cm


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