Tiger Drum Microphone Clip
Tiger Drum Rim Adjustable Microphone Clip

Item Code: DHW88-BK

 Tiger’s Drum Microphone Clip is a compact and convenient way to capture that clear, crisp sound of your drums. Eliminating the need for bulky microphone stands, this durable and fully adjustable microphone clip simply attaches to the side of snare drums, toms and floor toms, freeing up vital space. The included 3/8” to 5/8” thread adapter means that you can use any microphone with this clip and adjust it to an ideal position with its curved adjustable height mechanism; twist the metal adjustment knob to move your microphone along the clips curve, and tighten it back up to keep it in your chosen position.

Made from a durable, hard plastic, the Tiger Drum Microphone Clip also features an integrated cable clip to keep your microphone cable tidy and out of the way.

Item Specifications:
- Length: 11cm
- Width: 2.3cm
- Thread Adapter Included


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