Jupiter WaveLine C-foot/E-mechanism Flute
Jupiter WaveLine C-foot/E-mechanism Flute

Item Code: JFL700WE

The WaveLine™ is a revolution for the flute family. This unique design allows for a significantly shorter flute body whose headjoint and keys nevertheless remain in line. While its tuning, sound and response are identical to those of a normal-sized flute, its design is perfect for children or players of smaller stature. The unique design is welcomed by leading educators and flute teachers. Patented WaveLine technology headjoint reduces the distance between lip plate and the keys creating better instrument alignment and easier tone production whilst assisted fingering keys are designed to ease hand position. The Jupiter JFL700WE WaveLine Flute has a two piece body to low C, complete with trill keys providing full range playability. It is perfect for children over the age of 7 or adults wishing to play in a more relaxed position. A custom extension kit is available.

Tuning: C
Headjoint: silver plated, nickel silver
Body: silver plated, nickel silver
Mechanism: silver plated, nickel silver
Split E mechanism
Trill keys
C footjoint
Closed-hole keys
Jupiter moulded case
Stand and accessories


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