Tuned Percussion Tube Set C Major Diatonic Scale Set, 8 Notes by Mad About
Tuned Percussion Tube Set C Major Diatonic Scale Set, 8 Notes by Mad About

Item Code: MT-D-8


At a glance:
- Fun and easy to use set consists of 8 tuned tubes C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C
- The diatonic set allows for more songs to be played and is preferred over the pentatonic scale
- 8 brightly coloured tubes making it easy to find the right note
- Perfect for group or solo sessions
- Used in schools, music groups, therapy sessions and more

The Mad About MT-D-8 Diatonic Musical Tubes are brand new for 2019! Featuring 8 different pitches of the diatonic scale (C40-C52) all colour coded to their specific note, this set of musical tubes is perfect for musicians of all ages. Specifically popular within schools and musical groups these tubes are fun, easy to play and simple to learn.

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the tube the lower the pitch produced will be. Have fun and experiment by hitting these musical tubes on a hard surface, hitting them against each other or laying them on a flat surface and hitting them with beaters, there is no limit to the creative ways you can play these tubes.

Solo or in a group, these musical tubes can provide hours of entertainment and create an extremely engaging musical session among children and adults too. Helping with teamwork, rhythmic patterns and developing skills past the intended purpose. They’re durable too! Don’t worry about the kids going crazy with them, they can provide hours of whacking fun whilst staying virtually intact!

The colours aren’t just to look good either! You can create your own colour coded sheet music that is simple and easy to understand – great for those just entering the musical world or those unable to read traditional sheet music.

Commonly used as a part of team building and music therapy exercises, the C major scale helps these tubes match up and work seamlessly with other instruments or vocals too. Providing the same notes as a piano, skills learnt from these musical tubes can be transferred later on in life.

Diatonic (C40-C52)
Tubes: 8
Length: 30cm (C) – 61cm (C)


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