Tiger Guitar Stool with Guitar Stand & Neck Support for Acoustic Electric & Bass

Item Code: GST99-BK

At a glance:

  • Folding X frame guitar stool with built in stand and built in stow away neck support
  • Height 74cm and with a built in footstool, aids in a good posture when playing the guitar
  • Suitable for most guitars, basses and acoustics, with a bottom cradle width of 25cm and 8.5cm neck support width
  • Generously padded round seat cushion (30cm diameter x 6.5cm depth) makes playing more comfortable
  • Folded dimensions 95cm x 15cm makes this stool easy to store or transport

Convenience is at the front of every gigging musicians mind when it comes to choosing your equipment. How can you keep things as light as possible, whilst still having the right gear for your gigging, busking or studio? Thanks to this new, updated design, you will have a stool, foot rest and stand built into one easily transportable unit.

Manufactured with a folding X frame design, this guitar stool comes at a height of 74cm and with the addition of the built in footstool, you can find a comfortable position and posture when playing your guitar. The stool is topped with a generously padded circular seat cushion (30cm diameter x 6.5cm depth) to ensure maximum comfort whilst playing.

Fitted with a cradle and neck support, you’ll find this stand to be compatible with a whole host of different guitar shapes and sizes. Acoustic, bass, electric, classical and more, the bottom cradle gives you 25cm of width and the neck support a secure 8.5cm of width.

With folded dimensions of just 95cm x 15cm your stool is easy to store and transport, perfect for all on-the-go musicians or those with limited studio space.

- Colour: Black
- Height: 74cm
- Bottom cradle width: 25cm
- Neck support width: 8.5cm
- Cushion dimensions: 30cm x 6.5cm
- Folded dimensions: 95cm x 15cm


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