Tiger Professional Musician''s Earplugs SNR 20dB
Tiger Pro Musicians Filter Earplugs Noise Cancelling Hearing Protection

Item Code: EP-20

At a glance:
- SNR 20db filter protects your hearing from harmful frequencies whilst still maintaining the full spectrum of sound. Ideal for festivals, gigs, clubs, drummers, vocalists, and guitarist
- Triple Flange design with integrated pull tab – Three flange design for a comfortable fit and help block harmful frequencies leaking into your ear and pull tab for easy removal gives an almost invisible fit
- Made from hypoallergenic materials, these professional earplugs can be worn for long durations without any discomfort
- These earplugs are reusable! Simply remove the filter, wash with water and dry before use!
- They come in a conveniently compact storage tube which easily fits inside your pocket, or on your key ring

The Tiger EP-20 Professional Musicians Earplugs are multipurpose noise cancelling hearing protection designed for sound engineers, bands, or anything else you may need them for! These earplugs provide your ears with much needed supreme protection against hearing damage inflicted by loud noises, but allowing you to listen to sound that is absolutely lossless in quality. This allows you to perform with your usual precision, detail and quality.

For a comfortable fit, these noise-cancelling ear plugs have been manufactured with three tapered flanges. You can listen to the low frequency punch of kick drums, or the crisp high-end texture of hi-hats without the worry of damaging your hearing. This set of ear plugs are made from hypoallergenic materials and can be worn for long durations without any discomfort making them perfect for your long gigs, rehearsals or performances. 

For your convenience, these professional musicians’ earplugs come in a compact storage tube that will easily fit inside your pockets or attach to your keys with the provided key ring attachment - ensuring that effective hearing protection is always close to hand anytime, anywhere. 

Affordable and reusable, simply remove the filter and wash your earplugs with water and dry them off. Apply the filter once again and continue to use, time and time again.

- SNR: 20dB
- H: 23dB
- M: 17dB
- L: 12dB
- Storage Tube: Included
- Recommended Age: 14+

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts.


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