World Rhythm PVC Cajon with Dark Wooden Finish
World Rhythm CAJ3 Cajon with Zebrawood Finish Playing Surface

Item Code: CAJ3-DK

World Rhythm’s finely-crafted cajon box drum would be an asset to any musical group. Made with a synthetic material which is embellished with a bright, colourful finish, this fantastic cajon is of high quality and built to last. Weighing less than 5kg the drum can be easily transported and stored.

Able to produce a deep, resonant bass sound thanks to its bass port, the World Rhythm cajon brings warm, low frequencies to the mix. Hitting the cajon towards the top of its smooth zebrawood-effect front surface will allow to you to discover its crisp snare sound. The wooden playing surface features screws that can be adjusted to create a satisfying snapping sound, making the cajon extremely versatile.

Featuring a fully-adjustable, dual-wired snare mechanism with an integrated bell loop to provide a subtle high end punch, this full-size cajon works with many styles of music. The sound can be tuned to your liking by using the Allen key supplied.

Its rounded design allows for a comfortable playing surface, reducing finger fatigue. To prevent damage to floor surfaces and to ensure optimum stability whilst playing, the World Rhythm cajon features rubberised feet.

If you’re looking for a versatile, high quality addition to your percussive sounds, this cajon from World Rhythm is the perfect choice.

Item Specifications: -
- Width: 29.5cm
- Height: 49cm
- Seat Width: 28cm
- Seat Length: 29cm
- Diameter of bass port: 11.5cm
- Weight: 4.6kg
- Material: Synthetic


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