Violin/Viola Wolf Note Eliminator

Item Code: H9450

The Super-Sensitive Violin/Viola Wolf Note Eliminator is a fantastic invention designed to eradicate those pesky wolf notes commonly found between E and F#.

The eliminator itself is a small metal tube and mounting screw with an interior rubber sleeve that fits around the offending string below the bridge, ever so slightly altering the resonance and resultingly eliminating wolf tones on either a violin or viola.

What is a Wolf Note or Wolf Tone?

A wolf note, or simply a "wolf" is a noise that is produced when a note played on a stringed instrument matches the natural resonating frequency of the instrument's body, producing a sustaining overtone that amplifies and expands the frequencies of the original note. Wolf tones are largely unwelcomed by most musicians.

Wolf notes are usually only noticed on bowed instruments, most notably the violin and surrounding family since the notes are generally played for much longer periods and thus are easier to hear. Frequently, the wolf is present on or in between the pitches of E and F#.

You will need to experiment with the Eliminator to find the most effective position on the string. Attaching the Eliminator is however very easy; simply remove the inner lining and place it on the string, before then turning the opening of the metal tube and sliding the sleeve over it. Finish of by tightening both the screw and the lock nut.

Wolf notes are an unfortunate natural occurance. Many players suggest their presence can be reduced by slightly altering the position of the bridge, using different strings, a different bow or even a slightly different bowing technique when playing the culprit wolf note.
The Wolf Eliminator however is a great alternative accessory for stringed instrument players of all ages and ability.


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