Ukulele Note Sticker Sheet for Beginners
Ukulele Note Sticker - Colour Coded Fretboard Stickers


 Designed with schools and beginners in mind, Tiger’s Ukulele Fretboard Note Stickers make learning to play the ukulele fun and easy!

You’ll receive a sticker for every fret; each consists of four labelled circles to indicate where you need to place your fingers. Brightly colour coded to help young musicians remember how to play different chords; these self-adhesive stickers are easy to apply. Simply peel them off the backing paper and place on the appropriate fret, wrapping them around your ukulele’s neck to secure them. When the stickers are no longer required, they can easily be peeled off, leaving no sticky residue behind.

Item Specifications:
- Sticker Sheet Dimensions: 14.5cm x 9cm
- Individual Sticker Dimensions: 0.8cm x 8.5cm
- Weight: 2g


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