Tiger Hardware Carry Bag
Tiger DHW30-BK Drum Hardware Carry Bag 93 x 42 x 42 cm with 10mm Padding

Item Code: DHW30-BK

At a glance:
- 90cm Length is the ideal size to fit all your cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, snare stand, throne, pedal and more!
- 600d nylon construction and 10mm padding protects your stands from the elements
- Two large side pockets allow you to carry additional smaller items and accessories without needing extra bags
- Padded carry handles or shoulder strap for ease of use
- An easy and affordable way of storing and transporting your equipment

The Tiger DHW30 Drum Hardware Bag is a strong, versatile and durable solution to storing and transporting all of your precious drum hardware. This bag has been designed specifically to allow you to carry a wide range of equipment of difference shapes and sizes. From your snare drum stands to your hi-hat stands and cymbal stands to your other drum kit hardware. 

This large DHW30 hardware bag features two useful carrying options. At your preference, make use of this bags useful fully adjustable, detachable, rubberised and ergonomic shoulder strap. Alternatively, you may prefer to use the padded handle wrap around hook and loop carry handle for shorter journeys or trips to your car. 

To further ensure the security of your musical hardware, this bag features a robust dual direction zip mechanism and a generous 10mm of EPE padding. Two largely sizes side pockets allow for additional carrying space for smaller items and accessories without the need of extra bags. 

If you're a regularly gigging drummer in need of an easy, affordable and secure way of storing and transporting your drum hardware, then this Tiger Drum Hardware Bag is the perfect choice for you.

- Diameter: 42cm
- Length: 93cm
- Holds up to: 55kg
- Height: 1.3kg


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