World Rhythm 6 Player School Drumming Pack
World Rhythm 6 Player School Drumming Pack
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 This 6 player school percussion drum pack consists of 3 fantastic instruments that will never fail to engage your classes! Offering an array of diverse musical characteristics, this selection of high quality percussion drums helps your students to build and consolidate their knowledge of rhythm and dynamics.

World Rhythm’s 9” Wooden Djembe Drum is a truly remarkable asset to the percussive outfit of students, young percussionists and schools. Crafted using carefully selected materials and traditional rope tuning to maintain a high level of authenticity, this djembe’s high quality feel and sound is immediately noticeable once unboxed. It’s unique grooved wooden body embellishes this instrument’s beautiful aesthetics and makes it comfortable to hold. Featuring a natural goatskin drumhead to produce a range of sounds, you can hit the djembe centrally to discover a deep, resonant bass sound or drum around the edge to create a bright percussive tone.

These Bongo Drums from World Rhythm are the perfect companions for every beginner musician. Ready to play straight out of the box, these bongo drums are the best way to dive into the world of music. The bongos are lightweight and feature 6” and 7” drum heads, perfect for teachers and students alike. This brilliant beginner’s instrument is constructed from carefully selected quality wood, staved to provide a good level of resonance! For optimum authenticity, these bongo drums feature genuine rawhide heads which help to create a bright and punchy sound. You can rest assured that this instrument has a high level of durability thanks to it’s metal top rings and compact hardware design, making it resistant to the wear and tear of frequent use in the classroom. To prevent slipping and damage to floor surfaces, these bongos have rubber feet.

Capable of producing a low, resonant bass drum sound and equipped with a fully adjustable snare, the World Rhythm Cajon Box Drum is a percussive asset to schools and students. Its genuine snare mechanism sets the cajon box drum apart from others which have wire strings to mimic the sound of a snare drum. Equipped with a padded bag, transporting your instrument from classroom to classroom has never been easier and worries of damage are instantly put to rest. Despite offering an incredible variety of sounds and features, this cajon box drum still manages to be lightweight, easy for students to carry. Available in a black, brown and natural finish, World Rhythm’s cajon looks as good as it sounds.

Item Specifications:

1 x 9” Wooden Djembe Drum
4 x Bongo Drums
1 x Cajon Box Drum

Cajon Specifications:
- Height: 49.5cm
- Width: 30cm
- Width including Snare: 32.5cm
- Diameter of Sound port: 12cm

Djembe Specifications:
- Head Diameter: 9” (22cm)
- Height: 50cm
- Width: 27.5cm
- Weight: 2.9kg

Bongo Specifications:
- Head Diameters: 6” & 7”
- Height: 18cm
- Width: 36cm
- Weight: 2.2kg


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World Rhythm Brown Cajon Box Drum with Adjustable Snare & Padded Bag
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World Rhythm 9" Djembe Drum - Wooden
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World Rhythm Bongo Drums
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