Theodore 4/4 Ebony Octagonal Violin Bow with Violin Rosin
Theodore 4/4 Ebony Octagonal Violin Bow with Violin Rosin
Item Code: VLB-EB44-ROS

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 This Theodore 4/4 Ebony Octagonal Violin Bow with Rosin Pack provides the beginning musician with the essentials they need to start playing the violin.

A solid wooden hollow stick gives this particular bow not only a quality look and feel, but also balance thanks to its even construction. To provide a good level of resistance and resilience, Theodore’s Ebony Violin Bow’s curved design is strung with high quality horsehair - the violin bow is designed with a curvature to allow for extra tension if required. You can fully adjust the tension of the bow thanks to its metal screw. A soft textured thumb grip allows for easier and more comfortable playing whilst its beautifully crafted ebony frog complements the aesthetics of your violin.

You’ll also receive some Theodore Violin Rosin. Suitable for Violins, Violas and Cellos, this Rosin is particularly ideal for beginning musicians. Its density provides a good amount of friction between the bow and the strings, so you can effortlessly produce beautiful sounds. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, you can take the Theodore Rosin to performances, gigs and rehearsals with ease.

Item Specifications:

Length: 75cm (30”)
Frog: Ebony
Octagonal Stick: Solid Wood
Weight: 67g

Colour: Translucent Amber
Diameter: 4cm
Weight: 17g


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Theodore 4/4 Ebony Octagonal Violin Bow
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Theodore Violin Rosin
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