Bongo Bag
Bongo Bag 39cm x 18cm x 21cm with Shoulder Strap

Item Code: BBG-BK

 Suitable for use with 6” and 7” bongo drums, this bongo bag by World Rhythm makes it easy for any percussionist to take their instrument to and from gigs, rehearsals and performances.

A nylon-lined interior, reinforced by 5mm thick EPE padding, ensures that your instrument remains dust and damage-free during storage and transportation. Ergonomically designed to provide optimum comfort, an adjustable shoulder strap features rubberised padding to make transporting your bongo drums over longer distances that much easier. When not in use, the shoulder strap can be detached and stowed away inside the bag. For quickly moving your instrument from the car to your performance space, a strongly stitched wrap around handle provides the convenience and security you need, whilst metal zips allow you to access your bongos on demand.

World Rhythm’s Bongo Bag is a fantastic choice for those looking for an affordable and effective way to transport and store their bongo drums.

Item Specifications:
- Length: 39cm
- Width: 18cm
- Depth: 21cm
- Weight: 0.35kg
- Ideal for use with World Rhythm’s BON7 Bongo Drum Range


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