World Rhythm PVC Pretuned Djembes - Orange
World Rhythm PVC Pretuned Djembes - Orange

 Perfect for schools and students, World Rhythm’s Djembe Drums are a remarkably versatile percussive asset to the beginning musician.

Designed to engage students and help them to reach their full potential, these djembes feature an aboriginal orange design as well as a well-rounded, traditional sound; this particular djembe provides both style and authenticity.

Hitting its pre-tuned drumhead centrally will allow you to discover this instruments punchy, deep tone whilst a metallic and bright rim shot can be produced by drumming around the edge. Ready to play straight out of the box, these djembes by World Rhythm bears musical characteristics that help to develop your students’ understanding of rhythm and dynamics. A high quality, lightweight synthetic shell makes carrying this fantastic instrument from classroom to classroom that much easier.

World Rhythm’s Djembe Drums are a perfect choice for schools that are looking for an affordable, compact and great entry-level instrument for their students.


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