World Rhythm Bongo Drum Head Pack – 6” & 7”
World Rhythm Bongo Drum Head Pack – 6” & 7”

Item Code: BON-HEAD

 The World Rhythm Bongo Drum Head Pack is the ideal replacement pair of drum skins for your bongo drum.

Manufactured with tough, durable animal skin these bongo heads produce an authentic, resonant sound which will complement any percussion circle. Designed to fit 6" and 7" bongos, these drum heads have a natural finish and feel great to play.

Our Ethical Promise:

World Rhythm supports and promotes fair trade principles in all aspects of the business.

We ensure all materials are sustainable and legal and that no poached or endangered materials are used in the manufacturing of our products. We also ensure that all waste is disposed of in an ecological manner and all shipping materials are recyclable.


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