Tiger TDA4-10, 10
Tiger TDA4-10, 10" Drum Practice Pad with Carry Bag – Desktop or Stand Mountable

Item Code: TDA4-10

 At a glance:
- Great for warming up before gigs, or perfecting your rudiments in front of the T.V!
- 4mm thick non-slip foam base and 6mm thick synthetic rubber top provides realistic stick response
- Octagonal solid weighted MDF wood core
- Maintain and improve your skill level whatever your ability when away from your drum kit
- Stand mountable 10” playable surface

The TDA4 10" Practice Pad is the ideal solution for beginners and experienced drummers alike. Offering a realistic and authentic way to practice rudiments, rhythm and warm-up before gigs. 

With a synthetic rubber drumming surface, this drum pad by Tiger has been designed to provide realistic stick response, similar to that of an authentic drum kit. Allowing you to maintain and improve your skill level, wherever you may be. This pad offers a muted solution to your practice session, allowing you to really focus on your drumming technique. 

With a durable wooden base, this drum pad will stand the test of time allowing you to keep practicing for as long as you wish without losing that authentic drumming feeling. With an 8mm thread, this Tiger 10" Practice Pad is perfect for stand mounting or, with its non-slip rubber base you can use this on many different surfaces.

Simply slip this inside your drum hardware bag and carry it on the go with you or if you'd prefer access to the drum pad on demand, the included nylon carry bag makes it easy to transport.

- Nylon Carry Bag: Included
- Thread: M8 (8mm)
- Dimensions: 25.5cm x 25.5cm x 3cm
- Weight: 1kg


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