Mad About SU8 Soprano Ukulele - Light Blue with Bag, Felt Pick, Spare Strings
Mad About Soprano Beginners Ukulele with Bag, Pick & Carbon Strings - Light Blue

Item Code: SU8-LBL

 At a glance:
- Ideal starter Ukulele for children and adults, thanks to its gear machine heads, making tuning a breeze
- Lightweight strings make playing comfortable for younger players and adults
- Included bag makes it ideal to take to and from School, Rehearsals, lessons and even gigs!
- Also includes felt pick and spare set of strings; you are ready to play out of the box
- Fun to play and is a stepping stone to learning to play the guitar

Entry-level instruments or school music clubs are often associated with the howling of a recorder; which isn’t an appealing thought to any parent. Why not try something a little more pleasant to the ears like the Mad About Soprano Ukulele?

There’s nothing like the enthusiasm of new musicians, that’s why this ukulele comes with a plectrum and a spare set of strings to best equip them for success right from the beginning. Nylon strings make it more comfortable for beginners to apply the amount of pressure needed to play distinct notes and chords.

Finding a home both in the living room and in the classroom, the Mad About Ukulele is a great gateway instrument, providing beginners and students with the fundamentals needed to smoothly transition to playing guitar. It even comes with a nylon carry bag to take your new instrument to lessons, rehearsals or anywhere you feel like playing.

Item Specifications:
- Brand: Mad About Music
- Colour: Light Blue
- Scale: 21"
- Strings: Standard
- Tuning: Geared Machine Heads
- Top Material: Linden
- Back & Sides: Linden
- Neck: Mahogany
- Fingerboard: Dark Wood
- Headstock: Mahogany
- Bridge: Dark Wood


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